Great American Beer Festival aka #GABF

Ever since moving to Colorado my love of craft beer and beer in general has grown substantially. I mean, I drank beer in California and liked it, a lot… (my favorite beer previously was Dos Equis), but nothing in the way I now love beer here in Colorado.

One of my first Colorado beer finds was Great Divide and their slogan “Great Minds Drink Alike” made me want to grab all my friends, sing Oasis together & drink good beer. I feel like that’s something that should be done with good beer… and Oasis, of course, if you will be singing with friends. However, all of my friends at the time lived in California… so I had to make do enjoying it on my own with the boyfriend who isn’t a huge beer lover (he prefers the vodka, but he’s slowly coming around).

Anyways, I missed getting tickets the first year we lived here. Fast forward another year and now I do have a friend who is a female and also loves beer. In fact, she loves it so much she makes beer and moved here to start a brewery with a partner, how awesome is that?? You should totally go check out their brewery, Living the Dream Brewing Co. It is near Highlands Ranch/Littleton and makes amazing Belgian beers (which happen to be my favorite now that I know what I like), but they also make IPA’s and other sorts of beers. Plus they allow doggies and usually have tasty food trucks… (yes, I’m shamelessly promoting my friend’s brewery, but it’s also really delicious beer, so I’m doing you a favor, you’re welcome). Some of my personal favorites from them are the Helluva Caucasian Stout, Belgian Dubbel, Alt Whitman and the Belgian Brune.

Ever since visiting Chicago… I kind of love Goose Island beers, also that they have girl names

My awesome friend hooked us up with passes for Saturday’s members only session and we arrived a bit early to see some of the awards ceremony. Man, that was LONG… but interesting to watch. As soon as it hit noon I was on my way up to the hall of delicious beer. It was magical how much amazing beer was there. The only downside for me was that none of it was really cold, except at the corner locations. It was all sitting out in pitchers which got kind of warm and maybe didn’t taste as good as they normally do.

the boyfriend & I at GABF
yes, there were men dressed as Where’s Waldo

One of the first beers I tried was Midas Touch by Dogfish Head. It was delicious… I will just say upfront, I’m not an IPA beer fan. They are just too bitter for me, so I didn’t really try any. Some of the other beers I really liked were:

  • Hell’s Keep by Squatters Craft Beers
  • Black Beauty Cream Stout by Packinghouse Brewing Co. (woot, woot… Riverside, CA!)
  • Red Cock Dopplebock by Maui Brewing Co.
  • Zon by Boulevard Brewing Co.
  • Super Kitty by Keegan Ales
  • Weathered Wit by Cinder Block Brewery
  • Sirius Black by Four Beaks Brewing Co. (this could just be because of the name, haha)
  • Saison by Urbn Street Brewing (in San Diego, CA I think, they were way nice too)
  • Abbey Dubbel by Gordon Biersch Brewing
  • everything by Living the Dream Brewing Co.

Wandering around the festival was really fun and they had something called ‘Silent Disco’ where there was a DJ and people danced with headphones on so no one else could hear the music. It was kind of hilarious to watch. I kept trying to snack on pretzels and take water breaks… but there is just so much beer you want to try! Also, plus side for the ladies… WAYYYYYY more men attend this festival, so this is one of the few places where the bathroom line is longer for men, haha, it was awesome.

Silent Disco

Four hours of drinking really takes it’s toll… even if they are only 1 ounce pours. By the end of the 4 hours I was ready for a nice cat nap, which I thankfully took as soon as I walked the 5 minute walk home. I will definitely be trying to go to GABF next year!


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