Who I am & Why I’m here…

I’ve been documenting the world around me since I was a little kid and I really think this is the main reason I’ve been feeling the need to blog. As soon as I could read and write I was making lists, copying down quotes, describing the time and place of everything and everyone around me. Trying to write down stories and share some part of myself to maybe understand it better. To give it meaning and so that it would last in some way.

I mean, did you make a book about yourself at 13 and write down your life story up to that point? Or write an essay about your life to your local newspaper? (I don’t think I sent it… well, I hope I didn’t). My high school journals, which I kept with me at all times, are logged with the date and time of every place we went, the things we did, the names of people and friends who were part of these situations. I mean, I wrote down the day and time that Carson Daly left KROQ (an L.A. radio station)… that’s how nerdy I am.

I think this is also the bigger idea of my blog. I’m currently working on attaining my Masters Degree in Historic Preservation. I guess I’ve arrived at this career and this passion because I’ve been trying to preserve everything my whole life. I’ve always felt that maybe I was born in the wrong era, that my love of places, especially old places, indicated that in some way. Now I think I’m just one of those people on earth that wants to document and save the memories and significance of the world around us as it changes and becomes a different world for younger generations.

A small way for me to do that is a blog. It’s my way to document the world around me, to aid in its preservation.



  1. I like the idea of your blog. As I read your “about me” I kept picturing a blog where someone publishes images of their long ago writings from when they were a kid while contrasting and comparing past thoughts and ideas to current ones. Such as why when you were younger Carson leaving was such a big and how would you reflect on it now as an adult. Photos of old notebook pages just keep sounding interesting.

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    1. Interesting idea! I may try that… much of that stuff was packed away or lost, but a lot of things I still have too. I once thought of writing a memoir like that (of showing then and my thoughts on it now… contrasting it with looking back on it). My best friend and I thought about doing it together since we both kept journals in high school.


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