Re-designing Globeville Landing Park, Denver, CO

Last semester I had a Urban Design Process and Practice class where we did a lot of work hand drawing and working through the design process on different types of projects. One of our projects was to re-design an existing park in Denver, Globeville Landing Park.

I will say up front… I’ve never been very good at drawing by hand. I personally prefer photography to drawing and sketching, however this class really took me outside my comfort zone and forced me to get more creative and practice drawing and sketching which I actually really liked and would like to make more time for in my everyday life.

Anyway, here is my park re-design… I really like how my site plan design turned out, that’s probably my favorite. My perspective drawing #1 is pretty creepy, but I like Perspective Drawing #2.

When preparing for this project I went out and took several photos of the site which helped me determine how I’d like to re-design the park.

GLP - Redlined - art garden
Inside the park facing the 38th Street entrance.
GLP - Redlined - Amphitheatre
This felt like a great green space, but the lay of the land also seemed great for some type of amphitheater as well.
GLP - Redlined - Deck
Once I saw this great view to Downtown Denver, it seemed like a deck over the water would be awesome for summer and beer.
GLP - Redlined - playground
View looking toward kids playground. The bike path bridge is to the left.

Some insight into the re-design:

  • The kid / miniature train idea came from Hunter Park in Riverside, CA. I always loved that little train when I was a kid and had wished it just had more to see when going around the track. So I added one to this park since it’s cool and located directly next to the railroad anyway. Also, I was thinking a rail history of the Globeville area could be added on a wall adjacent to the rail road side.
  • Many of the things I included in this park were things I would like, but I also asked all my Facebook friends what they would include and added several of their suggestions to the park.
  • I also decided to include a concrete slide. I used to love going to the one in Myra Linn Park in Riverside, CA; which after some online poking around I found doesn’t exist anymore.
    GLP - Concrete slide dimensions
    These were the 1979 as-built plans for the concrete slides. It appears that they were removed in 2001.

    Anyway, below is the final submission I turned in for this project. You can click on any of these to see the full size version. Thanks for looking!


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