Denver Beer Festivus 2014

December brought another great beer festival our way, the Denver Beer Festivus, by Imbibe. We had missed it the year before, but decided to afford it by volunteering this year. It was a good call because it was an awesome beer festival which the boyfriend and I got to attend for free by doing 3 hours of work earlier in the day… or we could have just paid $40 each to go.

The boyfriend and I volunteered on the morning shift so we could enjoy the entire festival later in the day. Volunteering is actually fun too… it’s a good way to meet new people who also drink, plus the beer brewers and it’s a fun event to help set up overall. We’ve volunteered at a few of their events now and usually have a pretty good time, plus free beer makes it totally worth it.

Anyway, the Festivus was held in the Mc Nichols Building in Civic Center Park on a Saturday from 3pm-7pm. It was 2 floors of over 35 breweries serving up some delicious liquid tastiness. They also had a small food court area, funny festivus postcards to send and a good sized dance floor area with dj.

Dance floor and seating space
A glass for the beer and a brewer list was provided so you could check off breweries as you went and note your favorites!

The brewery list was especially helpful & useful to have. I like to use untappd to check-in to my beers and rate them so I can always remember which ones I liked best, but at beer festivals like this everyone is using it and sometimes it’s just not convenient to check-in every single one, which is where having this list to write them on comes in handy.

Brewery tables & peoples

One of the cool things about the Denver Beer Festivus was that it featured all breweries that were located within Denver’s city limits, so these are breweries I can definitely visit without too much trouble. The downside was it exclude other breweries in the Denver metro area because they were not inside the city limits. However, I heard they may make another festivus for the rest of those breweries next year which would be cool because there are some really good ones.

It got pretty packed!
Love the different pieces of art around the space
Interior of the Mc Nichols Building, Civic Center Park

The Mc Nichols Building is one I LOVE. The renovations they’ve done to this building have turned out so well. It’s such an open space and the tall ceilings make it feel so spacious. I’ve now been here a few times for different events and it’s one of my favorite spaces to roam in and is within walking distance to my house which makes it even better.

A little bit about the building:

“In 1909, the cornerstone of the building was laid, setting the foundation for the then Carnegie Library that would become a center of learning in the park. That tradition continues, as the building was re-opened in 2012 as a contemporary hub for arts and culture for the people of Denver. This stunning Greek Revival building with its classic Corinthian columns and iconic colonnade across its front, offers new experiences in a classic space.” –

dance time

Some of my favorites from this festivus (out of 5 stars):

Drunkard selfie for good measure

Other favorite breweries from the festivus in Denver you should check out:

  • Prost Brewing – This location is right by the freeway with a front patio giving a great view of Downtown Denver too. I love the Weiss Bier, Marzen and Dopplebock.
  • River North Brewery – Tiny taproom, but delicious barrel aged beers. Quandary is my favorite here.
  • Epic Brewing Company – Huge taproom with fireplace and bombers you can buy to take home as well. Some favorites are the Big Bad Baptist Imperial Stout, Smoked & Oaked Belgian Style Ale, & the Mid Mountain Mild Ale is a nice one as well.


    1. It was really cool & a lot of fun 😊 all the Brewers are so friendly and everyone is just chill and talking about good beer. I bet the UK one was cool too. Hopefully I can make it over there & try a beer fest there sometime.

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