St. Louis Cemetery #1

I recently went on a trip to New Orleans, Louisiana and first on my list of things to do was visit cemeteries in New Orleans. Since I was a kid I’ve loved visiting cemeteries, looking at gravestones and imagining who people were… it’s a stroll through history.

We booked our tour tickets online for St. Louis Cemetery #1 since I found out that this cemetery can only be visited with a guide and you can’t just walk in and look around like you can in most cemeteries. We booked through Save Our Cemeteries because it is a non-profit that protects and restores cemeteries in New Orleans and it was $20 per person.

The tour was awesome and informative and about 2 hours long. It was interesting learning about why the tombs are above ground, which most commonly is attributed to being below sea level, but our guide said is more likely just cultural since the earliest settlers were from France and there was also a period of Spanish control and they probably just used the burial practices they knew.

We also saw the future tomb of Nicholas Cage, I didn’t include a photo of it here, but basically its a giant white pyramid. The two biggest downsides are: 1. There is a security guard at the gate and he is not helpful or friendly and I saw him yelling at several people. A friend originally walked up to the gate because she was unsure where to go and he yelled at her too. 2. Since the only way to see the cemetery now is by a guided tour, there are a lot of them going on. It made it kinda hard to hear our guide who was not nearly as loud and boisterous. Also, since there are so many groups you’re waiting at certain ones for one group to finish before you can hear about it.

If you like history and cemeteries this is a must visit spot if you’re in New Orleans. Also, learning about how the tombs work and how entire families are buried in these tombs was really interesting.




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