Today is my last day of classes! I am beyond excited to finally be done with Grad school. Don’t get me wrong, I loved grad school for everything it taught me and the people I’ve met; but it was also really stressful and hard with working a full-time job and dealing with 2 deaths in my family since I started graduate school in 2013. I really wish my Grams was here, but I know she would be so proud & happy for me.

I finally have my Masters of Science in Historic Preservation!

I realize I have somewhat ignored this blog, but now that I’m done with Grad school I will have more time for these types of things. I started this blog to share my travels and life in general I guess… and I have kept up my part on the travels, though not sharing/writing here as much as I wanted. For spring break my bf and I recently went to New York City & Brooklyn for almost a week and this weekend I will be heading back to Chicago with my bf to celebrate my graduation since I’m skipping my commencement ceremony. We’re going to see a Cubs game & Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins do a small show, all in the same day! I’m so excited!

We’re also trying to plan more trips for later in the year, but haven’t settled on anything for sure yet. For now I’m looking forward to enjoying summer in Colorado with my bf and hiking and exploring and seeing some of my best friends in the world (Matt & Annie) at the end of this month.

Life is good. Cheers!



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