Dear Realtor, don’t be misleading…

when you look at home listings and see something like this:
“There is a possibility that this home may be on a lot where the zoning will be changing to R2 (the city of Denver has recently changed zoning a few blocks away in the same type of neighborhood). “
… nope, there is no chance of that happening whatsoever and I know that for a fact because I work in Zoning for the City and the whole City was already re-zoned in 2010 and this particular property (zoned E-SU-D) is in the new code and calls for single family dwelling only and is smack in the middle of a single family dwelling neighborhood and the zoning you speak of is in the old code & it will NOT HAPPEN because the city ain’t trying to move backward to old zoning and is not going to spot rezone this one tiny property, realtor liar person. Also, it’s pretty misleading to buyers to be like “…zoning will be changing”… zoning doesn’t just magically change itself, people have to go through processes to rezone stuff.
So friends… just beware listings that say crap like this and do your due diligence and check things out with your local zoning/planning department and don’t trust everything you see in listings.
Sorry. Rant over. I have a good mind to write this realtor, ugh.

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