Travels of 2016

This year I got to travel a bit, though not as much as I had wanted to…

From last year’s travel goals…

  • Brooklyn & New York City, New York
  • Mesa Verde National Park, Rocky Mountain National Park & road trip with my friends (end of May)
  • Europe… somewhere, anywhere! (maybe September or October)
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Savannah, Georgia and/or Charleston, South Carolina
  • Washington, D.C.

2016 took me to see many more places around Colorado though, so I think it was a good travel year.

Places I traveled in 2016:

  1. Boulder, Colorado (January 2016) – My boyfriend surprised me with a weekend trip for my birthday so we could explore the town a little. It was fun, arcade bars in Denver are better though… 🙂

    View from Chautauqua Park, Boulder, Colorado
  2. New York City & Brooklyn, New York (March 2016) – How do you describe New York other than awesome?! Because it was, and I loved it, but it was also really expensive & kinda dirty …but even though, it was still amazing. The architecture, the food, the labyrinth of different spaces and places and history… it was super cool. It was great to just explore for almost a full week and getting to see old friends and make a new one or two. Also, I purchased an NYC Guidebook by Gigi Griffis that had a lot of great tips on free outings and places to go for views and food.We saw Lady Liberty at sunset from the FREE ride on the Staten Island Ferry thanks to Gigi’s guidebook.
    On the High Line, Chelsea, New York City, New York
    Stone Street, New York City, New York

    Chelsea Market – don’t miss the taco place in here! sooo delicious! – New York City, New York
  3. Chicago, Illinois (May 2016) – To celebrate finishing my Masters degree my boyfriend and I decided to have a quick weekend trip to Chicago to explore. My second time & his first time 🙂 Can I just say… May in Chicago is truly awesome! It’s so fresh and green and those blue blue skies… I just love it. Finally made it to the Art Institute on this trip which was magical since they had a bunch of Louis Sullivan designs on display ❤
    View from Navy Pier, Chicago, Illinois

    The Art Institute of Chicago
  4. Estes Park & Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP), Colorado (May 2016) – Two of my best friends made a road trip to Colorado and we spent Memorial Day in Estes Park followed by a visit to RMNP the next day and finally drove on Trail Ridge Road. It was gorgeous! End of May, beginning of June is a great time to hit up RMNP.
    Driving on Trail Ridge Road, Rocky Mountain National Park

    Elk grazing at Moraine Park, Rocky Mountain National Park
  5. Fairplay, Twin Lakes, Leadville, Turquoise Lake & Hagerman Pass, Colorado (June 2016) – My boyfriend and I specifically bought a Jeep Liberty so we could find off road trails and see more of Colorado… AND we bought these really awesome off road books from Fun Treks. So once I finally finished grad school, summer was our time to get to explore a little more of the Colorado mountain areas, and we totally did. Colorado in the summer is seriously one of the most beautiful places on earth IMO. . The green is greener, the blues are bluer and the wildflowers are everywhere… its seriously magical, and usually not too hot either.We did one night in Leadville and then went to Hagerman Pass for some off-road adventure.
    Tabor Grand Opera House, Leadville, Colorado
    One the way up to Hagerman Pass we stopped at Turquoise Lake… it was soooo blue!!

    Our Jeep on Hagerman Pass, Colorado
  6. Fraser, Winter Park, Grand Lake & Adams Falls, Colorado (July 2016) – I got us tickets for the Divide Music Festival so I could see Bleachers (WHICH WAS AMAZING!! Jack Antonoff is so raddd!) and Cake (which was meh IMO). However, we decided to spend the weekend up there since we had never been and it was really fun. After the concert we took the bus back to Winter Park and hit the bar and talked to some cool peeps. Then the next day we went on the Alpine Slide at the resort and it was super fun! We then went for 1 night to Grand Lake and hang out in the little town behind RMNP and went fishing and chilled. It was a cute little town, but far to get to from Denver. Then the next day we went by Adams Falls and then headed back towards Denver and used our off-roading book to try Corona Pass. We only went about half way on the road, because it was kinda late in the day and it started getting dark so we turned around to head home. However, it was so pretty we decided we had to go back. Hence the second Corona Pass trip 🙂
    Wildflowers! & Trees! in Winter Park
    Old train trestles on Corona Pass

    View on Corona Pass Road… so green in Summer!
  7. Corona/Rollins Pass, Winter Park, Colorado (September 2016) – yay! This time it was a bit cooler, but we drove the off-road trail all the way to Needle’s Eye Tunnel and went hiking to Corona Lake. It was just a gorgeous day and nothing beats those views! The not gorgeous thing was getting a mosquito bite that swelled up my face for a few days, that kinda sucked… but it was still worth it!
    At the top of Corona/Rollins Pass, looking towards King Lake
    Deadman Lake at Corona/Rollins Pass … one of my favorite views from last year
    Corona Lake

    We caught a pretty amazing sunset on the way home overlooking Winter Park
  8. Kenosha Pass, Colorado (September 2016) – My boyfriend had some family visit in Fall, so of course we had to take them to see the leaves changing in the mountains. It was colorful & beautiful like always, I guess my 2nd favorite season is Fall in Colorado.

    Just past Kenosha Pass there is an overlook… this was taken there
  9. Long Beach & Los Angeles, California (October 2016) – I decided to do a weekend trip back to California to see some friends. One of my best friends moved to Long Beach, so we had a Long Beach / Los Angeles outings day, it was great. We did lunch at Ports-O-Call in San Pedro and drinks all over Long Beach and because I/we love beer we hit up 2 breweries: Phantom Carriage Brewery (go here if you’re into sours, it’s in Carson) & Angel City Brewery (loved!) and I got to feel like a tourist for a day or two in my home state, it was pretty cool.
  10. Black Hawk & Central City, Colorado (November 2016) – I won a free night in Black Hawk at The Lodge Casino. So we went up with some friends for a night and ate the buffet and did some gambling. It was fun times.
  11. Breckenridge, Colorado (December 2016) – My little brother came out for Christmas again this year and I decided this time he had to see some Colorado mountains, and he wanted to snowboard. So I set up 2 nights in Breckenridge for me, him and my boyfriend. I don’t ski or snowboard, so they did their thing one day and I did mine. It was wonderful & so wintry. I felt like we got to explore a little Christmas village, and they got time for snowboarding, so… win win 🙂
    Morning walk in Breckenridge by myself… so peaceful 🙂

    Cute building on the main street in Breckenridge, Colorado

Places I’m traveling in 2017…

  1. EUROPE (Finally!!) Brussels, Bruges, Antwerp, Belgium – Amsterdam, Netherlands – London, England & Paris, France (for 2 weeks / March-April 2016) (Maybe Luxembourg City)

Places I want to travel in 2017:

  1. Spain/Italy (For Thanksgiving maybe…)
  2. Washington, D.C.
  3. Austin, Texas
  4. Savannah, Georgia and/or Charleston, South Carolina
  5. Seattle, Washington

Also, I’m thinking of trying to do a travel video / video of snaps (snapchats) when we go to Europe… Has anyone done one? I put together a video of all my snaps from NYC last year and I kinda liked that… so maybe I’ll just do that again.

Also, add me on Snapchat if you use it! My username is: krystalvation


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