I’ve been documenting the world around me since I was a little kid. I mean, did you make a book about yourself at 13 and write down your life story up to that point? Or write an essay about your life to your local newspaper? (I don’t think I sent it… well, I hope I didn’t).

I’ve always felt that maybe I was born in the wrong era, that my love of places, especially old places, indicated that in some way. Now I think I’m just one of those people on earth that wants to document and save the memories and significance of the world around us as it changes and becomes a different world for younger generations.

My education includes my Bachelor’s of Science in Urban & Regional Planning and I am working on my Masters in Historic Preservation. I love learning about places, cities, preservation and urban design and am excited to see the world to absorb as much as I can. I also have a huge love for craft beer and make a point of visiting breweries whenever I can (thanks Colorado for having excellent beer for me to fall in love with). Some of my future dreams are to travel the world with my amazing boyfriend Richard as much as I can and find my dream job, whatever that may be.

This site is a small way for me to combine all of those passions. It’s my way to document the world around me, to aid in its preservation.


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